A Winter Romance Author Interview – CM Doporto

Here is my author interview with CM Doporto for A Winter Romance Event. We will be featuring her University Park Series Boxed Set so make sure to grab your copy today!
What is your favorite thing about the romance genre?
The story of two people falling in love and living happily every after.

Do you have any big plans or goals set for yourself for 2017?
I’m excited about my children’s middle grade series I’ll be releasing called, Zach’s Wars.

What do you find to be the biggest benefit and downfall of self-publishing?
I love that I have the freedom to decide what I want to publish. It’s also tough because you have to do everything yourself, including marketing.

If you could choose to spend time in the world created by any romance novel what book would you choose and why?
That’s a good question! I don’t know! There are so many good books out there.

Do you like HEAs or prefer something different and why?
I love HEAs, but I also like more realistic stories of struggles and triumphs.

What do you think is one thing that makes you stand out from other authors in the same genre(s) that you write in?
My books are a combination of sweet and sexy writing, which I call swexy. All of my love scenes fade to black, allowing the reader’s imagination to tell the rest of the story.

If a new reader is seeing this what book of yours do you think they should start with?
If you like a good sports romance, start with Opposing Sides. I’ll warn you though; you might get caught in The Raven’s trap!

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about being an author? The flexibility and ability to write when I can and where ever I want.

What is one thing that you think new authors just starting out should know or be prepared for?
It’s a tough industry! Be prepared for disappointment!

If you had to choose only one genre to write in for the rest of your life what would you choose and why?
I don’t know. I love romance, but I’m excited about my kid’s series so I’ll see what happens.

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