A Winter Romance Author Interview – Tracy Kincaid

Here is my author interview with Tracy Kincaid for A Winter Romance Event. We will be featuring her upcoming book release Raise the Jolly Roger so make sure to check out this awesome author today!

What is your favorite thing about the romance genre?
The fact that you can do and go anywhere with it. You can break someones heart and then a few chapters later you can fix it. In ways writing it is better then real life. In real life it takes too long, if ever to mend a broken heart.

Do you have any big plans or goals set for yourself for 2017?
I will have a book releasing on Monday, January 23re called Raise The Jolly Roger (Somewhere In Time).
This book is part of an anthology that I’m doing with a friend of mine. This is my first real time travel book and it was loads of fun to write. It is the sexiest book I’ve written and the cover is pretty naughty!

I’m also in the works with the final installment of the Family Tree series. I released books 1-3 last year and hope to get this one done by summertime. This series is a paranormal romance dealing with ghosts.

What do you find to be the biggest benefit and downfall of self publishing?
The biggest benefit is being able to get things done in my own time frame. With a pub you are at their mercy. The downfall is it’s not cheap, you pay for everything (Cover art, editing (at least 3 rounds), formatting and advertising) It’s not cheap and usually your sales won’t even cover one of the items. Being an indie author is a labor of love. You definitely don’t write to get rich.

If you could choose to spend time in the world created by any romance novel what book would you choose and why?
This is a very hard question to answer. So many books, so many worlds to choose from. I’d want to go to school at Hogwarts, maybe take a trip to Forks. Time travel to the past and meet some amazing people. Maybe train with a few Shadow hunters. Hell, I’d even find a naughty island to visit for a nice vacation of naughtiness! The options are endless.

Do you like HEAs or prefer something different and why?
Yes HEA! I try to avoid books that don’t have one. For instance I avoid end of the world books they are depressing. I want to feel the emotions of the story, but in the end I want to feel their happiness. Reality sucks and we all get enough of that in our day to day lives, I want to escape in a great book.

What do you think is one thing that makes you stand out from other authors in the same genre(s) that you write in?
I have been told that my stories are different from what everyone else writes. I read a ton and find that the more I read the more I can tell what books those authors have read, by what they have written. I try very hard to not let what I read show in my writing. It’s not easy. I have different spins on old tales.

If a new reader is seeing this what book of yours do you think they should start with?
This is a touch question, I love all of my books. I guess my fave, for now is the Family Tree series. I believe my writing gets better with each book.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about being an author?
I love to hear when someone has read my books. I may never get recognized when I’m out on the town or anything like the celebrities do, but when I go to a book signing and someone tells me they have read my books and has a full on discussion with me, my heart swells. That is what makes it all worth it to me. Now if I could just figure out how to get more readers so that could happen more often! 😉

What is one thing that you think new authors just starting out should know or be prepared for?
You are not going to get rich so get that out of your head. You need to learn to write for yourself, if you get others to read your work that is a bonus. Most of the time you won’t even sell enough to cover the cost of putting the book out to the public. Don’t get discouraged, yes it’s heard work to write a good story but it’s totally worth the accomplishment.

If you had to choose only one genre to write in for the rest of your life what would you choose and why?
Paranormal. You have so many options, so many different routes you can take with it. It’s all make believe (or is it?). You can create new creatures, change old stories and make it your own, and it’s fun! I think that is why I chose to write paranormal romance, so many different possibilities.

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