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Trey Character Interview – (A Home for Her Heart) Brynette L. Turner

Here is the character interview with Trey from A Home for Her Heart written by Brynette L. Turner. Q1: When Regina first started working for you, did you have any idea that she was in trouble? At first, I thought she was just quiet until I observed how she cowered when her boyfriend was around […]

Sadie Character Interview – (Feels Like Love) N.D. Jackson

Here is the character interview with Sadie from N.D. Jackson’s book Feels Like Love! Biggest musical inspiration: I love powerful female voices like Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston and most recently, Adele. They all have different sounds but you feel their pain, their joy and their love in every lyric. I aspire to be […]

My Beauty For Your Ashes Character Interview – Traci Wooden-Carlisle

When you enter a new world created by many of the talented authors such as Traci Wooden-Carlisle we truly fall in love with the characters. Everyone has that favorite character that they just crave to know more about and fortunately with character interviews we get a peek inside them. The character interview below is for […]

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