Celebrating Romance Authors Interview – Brantwijn Serrah

Here is my author interview with Brantwijn Serrah for the Celebrating Romance Authors & Their Books Event. We will be highlighting her book Blood and Fire Series which currently includes Lotus Petals, Satin and Steel and Angels Keeping so make sure to grab your copy today.

Romance in itself is so much more than a genre, and with romance being mixed with so many other genres, do you find that romance is versatile and can easily be incorporate, or is it challenging to bring together with other genres?
I’ve never found it challenging. I love genre and speculative fiction. When I write erotica, I look at it a speculative sexual fiction—I like to explore sexuality against different backdrops, and genre offers a wide range to explore. Romance is different, but also similar. I don’t think of trying to incorporate elements of the romance genre into other genres. I simply like writing about love, relationships, and sex. Each of these unfolds in lots of varying settings…writing about it from different angles and with different trappings is exploratory and fun.

When it comes to writing romance who do you think does it better? Women or men and why?
I don’t think gender has anything to do with creative talent. It gives each author a different perspective from which to begin, but I’ve read gorgeous sweet romance written by men and fearless, bold, and twisted erotica written by the quietest and most introverted women. I’ve read stories written by genderqueer authors exploring themselves and their relationships from a unique point-of-view. I usually write from the point-of-view of women, but I’ve had incredible fun writing from the point-of-view of a man. What’s important, I think, is how much the author loves their own story. That’s what comes out the most to me.

If you had to write a romance novel about your own life what would the title be?
Making You Laugh

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone or had done for you?
My partner was never the romantic type when we were young…trying to get him to buy me flowers or ask me to dance was practically impossible. Nowadays, though…if he notices stress in my voice, or if he knows I’ve had a rough day at work, he has a bunch of roses waiting for me when I get home, and some favorite treat. Just recently, when I had an important job interview making me restless and anxious, and I couldn’t even concentrate on my prep material, I came home to a fresh bouquet of red, red flowers, and a slice of simple grocery-store white cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Just those little gestures are the best things anyone’s ever done for me.

Would you consider yourself a romantic and if so why or why not?
Oh, I am most definitely a romantic. I didn’t ever really plan on writing romance novels, but that’s the part of me that inevitably takes center stage. I simply love romance, relationships, and sex.

Just for fun everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and while we are a few months past that I am curious to know if you get into the spirit of things?
Oh, yes. Yes, we always plan a special date. We have our favorite places and favorite things to do, sometimes the zoo, sometimes a museum…but Valentine’s day is an excuse for me to get dressed up and focus on my best friend and partner, and the special place we hold in each other’s hearts.

Do you have any special links that you would like people to follow or signup for?
You can always drop in at my website, Strange Ways Station at www.brantwijn.com! We love visitors.

Who is your most beloved character based on reader feedback?
I think either Rhiannon, from my Blood and Fire series, or Finn, from my Chronicles of the Four Courts, probably strike the biggest chord with my readers. Rhiannon’s dark and dangerous, and a little tragic, but I think readers see a heroic streak in her that makes her lovable. Finn, on the other hand, is a classic knight in shining armor—literally. He goes to the ends of the earth for his beloved princesses. I’ve gotten feedback from readers who just love his passionate devotion. Plus he’s a rugged Irish warrior with a salacious sexual appetite, so that’s icing on the cake.

For those authors out there just starting out what advice can you give them as far as when it may become too much or when you just need a break from the voices. What do you do when you just need to get away?
I’m not sure I’ve ever felt the need to get away from my voices! Usually they’re the ones getting me away from everything else. It is important to take breaks, though, and let your writer’s eyes have a rest from your own work. I enjoy nighttime walks with my dog and a playlist of good music, or an audiobook from one of my favorite authors. It really gives me a chance to refresh.

What platform have you found works the best for your books?
Well, most of my books have only been available in e-book so far, though all my full-length novels are now coming to print at Champagne Books. I think e-book works really well for lots of people. I enjoy it just fine myself. But there is something special about holding the weight of pages in your hand. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse… storytelling is terrific in any medium…but I personally love my paperbacks.

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