Celebrating Romance Authors Interview – Cynthia Diamond

Here is my author interview with Cynthia Diamond for the Celebrating Romance Authors & Their Books Event. We will be featuring her books Dryad’s Vine and Alchemy’s Hunger so make sure to grab your copy today!

Romance in itself is so much more than a genre and with romance being mixed with so many other genres do you find that romance is versatile and can easily be mixed or challenging to incorporate with other genres?
I find it VERY easy. Romance is a universal topic and can be mixed with just about anything. It’s part of why I love the genre and have enjoyed writing in it! The challenging part though is not making the romance feel like a tacked on afterthought.

When it comes to writing romance who do you think does it better women or men and why?
I think both can do it well. I’ve read women authors who really are amazing at getting into the mind of a male character. In turn, I’ve also met men who not only give a fresh perspective on romance but also write female characters with amazing sensitivity. Besides, there’s definitely enough room in the pool for all, in my opinion.

If you had to write a romance novel about your own life what would the title be?
So, I opened this question up to my friends and was bombarded with titles filled with hilarious in jokes only we would get. This made me realize one thing; my husband and I are very strange people. So instead I’m going to say our title would be Wyrd Love, the same title of my paranormal romance series. The series is a lot like us; love stories about quirky yet strong ladies, and alpha males who are funny, odd, and have huge hearts. Well, they do say write what you know, right?

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone or had done for you?
It was my wedding anniversary and I was coming home from an awful day. I was just delivered some horrible news about a relative’s health, got caught in the rain, and work was completely miserable. I had already texted my husband saying let’s just stay in for the night and was in no mood to celebrate. When I got home, our wedding CD was playing on the stereo. The house was dim save for the candlelight flickering on the dinner table. The fine china was set. My husband had cooked my favorite comfort food (grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup) for our anniversary dinner and was sitting at the table, holding a bouquet of fresh cut roses. I burst into tears on the spot and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

Would you consider yourself a romantic and if so why or why not?
Oh, I’m a BIG time romantic. Despite never being the type to have their wedding day planned out (I was surprised I even GOT married!) I always loved the concept of love. There’s something about finding the one person on earth who “gets” you that grabs my heart, probably because I have always been someone who others never quite understood. That connection, which was so rare in my case, facinated me.

Just for fun everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and while we are a few months past that I am curious to know if you get into the spirit of things?
*LOL* I’m almost embarassed to admit this, but I hever never been big on the ol’ V-day. Weird, considering I write romance, I know. For that special day, the hubby and I just chill on the couch and watch action movies after work. But the day after, which is half-price chocolate day? Oh, yeah. That is my jam!

Do you have any special links that you would like people to follow or signup for?
Yes! You can check out my Newsletter! If you sign up, you get a free copy of Siren’s Song, the first book in the Wyrd Love series as a thank you!

Who is your most beloved character based on reader feedback?
I will have to say, right out the gate, a reader favorite has been Phoebe Constance; the baby sister of two of my heroines and the lead in Dryad’s Vine. Phoebe is funny, awkward, and at times, very neurotic. She has a tendancy to put her foot in her mouth and fly into a panic, but deep down, she is extremely strong, clever, capable. It was fun trying to find a good foil for a character who was completely different from what I had written before.

For those authors out there just starting out what advice can you give them as far as when it may become to much or you just need a break from the voices. What do you do when you just need to get away?
Celebrate your victories! What we do isn’t easy and putting it out there in the world is even harder. So take the time to celebrate doing what you do. Finished your first draft? Go out to dinner! Published your first book? Have a party or go to a movie or just do something nice for yourself, anything to say “Hooray! I did this!” Its important to acknowledge that writing a book is not an every day occurrence. Be proud of yourself!

What platform have you found works the best for your books?
eBooks are amazing and I find I’m able to reach out to so many folks who otherwise would never have access to my stories. I can’t celebrate the invention of the eReader enough! But, I know how many folks love paperbacks, so I make sure my books are available in that format too. Theres just something wonderful about holding a book in your hand.

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