Celebrating Romance Authors Interview – T.K. Lawyer

Here is my author interview with T.K. Lawyer for the Celebrating Romance Authors & Their Books Event. We will be featuring her book Apollo so make sure to check it out.

Romance in itself is so much more than a genre and with romance being mixed with so many other genres do you find that romance is versatile and can easily be mixed or challenging to incorporate with other genres?
Well, I think there are some genres that romance doesn’t mix well with or fit but then that’s my own opinion because there are some genres I don’t particularly care for. However, I think for the most part, romance can be paired with quite a few genres very easily. Love is universal and anything that you can think of is possible.

When it comes to writing romance who do you think does it better women or men and why?
I’ve always been partial to women (sorry guys) and I want to lean toward women writing better romance novels because they can write deeper, more intense, passionate scenes that don’t always involve sex. Romance has a lot to do with emotions, feelings, and perceptions and sometimes I don’t think men get that part but then, I am a woman. Lol. I think it mainly depends on who is writing the book and their particular writing style plus the readers’ own preferences.

If you had to write a romance novel about your own life what would the title be?
Hahaha. That’s an interesting question. I would have to go with something like “It’s Complicated” or “The Loving, Stubborn, Nutjob.” Lol. I’m not sure if my life would qualify for a romance story, more like a drama and a comedy of errors.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone or had done for you?
My first boyfriend, when we were dating asked me on the phone what I thought about this plan his best friend was going to do for the girl he liked for Valentine’s Day. He detailed everything he was going to do: decorate the outside of her door by placing a heart on the door, leave a vase with roses and a box of chocolates on the doormat, and hang streamers from the railing outside the door. He asked me what I thought. I exclaimed with delight that I thought it was really sweet. Well, on Valentine’s day the guy I was dating did everything he said his friend would, but for me. I came home to find all the decorations outside my door.

Would you consider yourself a romantic and if so why or why not?
Yes. I try to show appreciation for those I love and I try to give gifts that don’t necessarily coincide with traditional holidays at sporadic times throughout the year.

Just for fun everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and while we are a few months past that I am curious to know if you get into the spirit of things?
I try to buy a few gifts for my hubby to celebrate the day but I don’t celebrate the day or looked forward to it like I used to.

Who is your most beloved character based on reader feedback?
Jasper from Jasper, the Guardian League Series. He is very popular and shares the spotlight with Josh from Nightfall (currently out of print but coming back, soon).

For those authors out there just starting out what advice can you give them as far as when it may become too much or you just need a break from the voices. What do you do when you just need to get away?
Separate yourself from your books and from promoting and marketing. Sometimes it’s best to have someone else do some of the extra work for you instead of you doing it all yourself- this gives you a chance to do other things. Writer’s block is a necessary evil and when it does occur, you also need to separate yourself and take time off and do something different. This is also good to do because you get ideas for your books by seeing, hearing and experiencing new things. So take a break and immerse yourself in society which is always fresh for ideas for scenes in upcoming books.

What platform have you found works the best for your books?
Facebook and blog tours, when I can afford it.

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