Celebrating Romance Authors Interview – Tabitha Barret

Here is my author interview with Tabitha Barret for the Celebrating Romance Authors & Their Books Event. We will be featuring The Third Throne Series which includes Angel of Darkness, Angel of Death, Angel of Vengeance and Angel of Fear so make sure to grab your copy today! We will also be highlighting her book We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor which is up for PRE-ORDER.  The entire Third Throne Series is available for FREE with KU!

Romance in itself is so much more than a genre and with romance being mixed with so many other genres do you find that romance is versatile and can easily be mixed or challenging to incorporate with other genres?
I believe that people can easily identify with romance, being in love, or wanting to be in love. Writing a fantasy, paranormal, or YA story is sometimes easier when you add an element of romance. It helps the readers to engage with the characters because we all want a happy ending. We all want to see the characters kiss in the end and have what we sometimes can’t have.

If you had to write a romance novel about your own life what would the title be?
I recently wrote a book inspired by the events of my life as a teenager. I didn’t have an easy life back then, and I wanted to write about my experiences with abuse. I found that writing it through the eyes of a girl in love was the best way to approach the subject. I was able to add an element of hope through their relationship. Alicia finds a way to deal with her trauma after she meets a boy who understands her plight, because he has a secret too.
The name of the book is, We Were Ghosts – The Secret Life of a Survivor. I chose this title because when you have a terrible secret, you can feel like you don’t exist, or worse, you feel that you have to hide away from everyone. I wanted readers to understand the trauma associated with abuse, but give them hope that things can get better.

Do you have any special links that you would like people to follow or signup for?
On my website, I have a link for my NEWSLETTER.
I also have a number of fan pages for my books, including a number of up and coming series that I am writing. Those links can be found on my Up and Coming Section on my website.

Who is your most beloved character based on reader feedback?
In my Paranormal Romance Series, The Third Throne, I have fans who have fallen in love with different characters. One of the most loved is actually a villain. He’s the Wolf God, Fenris, in The Third Throne: Angel of Fear. I’ve had people tell me that they want to adopt him. He, and a few of the other angels, have become fan favorites. Honorable mention would have to go to Alazar, the Angel of Death, or Sacha, the Angel of Deception. Both of them have distinct personalities and have gone through some terrible things. The other is Hades, Second-in-Command of Hell. He’s one of those characters that you love to hate. It’s a truly amazing experience to hear the readers talk about my characters as if they were real. It makes me smile and laugh because they are very real to me. I’m glad that I get to share them with my readers.

For those authors out there just starting out what advice can you give them as far as when it may become to much or you just need a break from the voices. What do you do when you just need to get away?
When I need a break, I hang out with my kids and regroup. We watch movies and TV, so that we can relax and have fun. It’s sometimes hard to leave them to go back to the computer, but I can’t always turn off the voices.

What platform have you found works the best for your books?
I work exclusively with Amazon and have my Third Throne series in the Kindle Unlimited program, where I have found much success. I’m considering going broader with my new book, We Were Ghosts, but I haven’t made the leap yet.

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