Celebrating Romance Authors Interview – Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Here is my author interview with Traci Wooden-Carlisle for the Celebrating Romance Authors & Their Books Event. We will be highlighting her book Missing Destiny so make sure to grab your copy.

Romance in itself is so much more than a genre and with romance being mixed with so many other genres do you find that romance is versatile and can easily be mixed or challenging to incorporate with other genres?
I love romance so I feel like it is versatile and able to mix with other genres. One of my favorite genres is romantic suspense because they are both emotional and cerebral.

When it comes to writing romance who do you think does it better women or men and why?
If we were speaking in general terms I would say women because most of them seem to express emotions and feelings better, but there are a few men that do a great job at writing romance and it is refreshing because their perspective is different.

If you had to write a romance novel about your own life what would the title be?
Counting My Blessings

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone or had done for you?
My husband is a comic book fan who is funny and pretty much the kindest person I know. This year I have been keeping a journal so I can create a comic book filled with funny things he’s said to me that have caused me to roll with laughter and some of the sweet things he does just because. It will be one of his Christmas presents.

Would you consider yourself a romantic and if so why or why not?
I am a hopeless romantic. I always want there to be a happy ending even when it’s better for everyone else that the hero and heroine don’t get together. Romance is like bacon. To me, it makes every story better. LOL

Just for fun everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and while we are a few months past that I am curious to know if you get into the spirit of things?
I will buy a card and something I know my husband will like, but otherwise I watch it go by. I like making gestures of love better when he least expects it.

Do you have any special links that you would like people to follow or signup for?
I would appreciate if people would sign up for my newsletter http://www.tawcarlisle.com/blog and Bookbub. https://goo.gl/WMGebX

Who is your most beloved character based on reader feedback?
I would have to say Paige from the Promises to Zion Series. She is straightforward about her feelings even though she is complex. She loves God and loves His people and it shows.

For those authors out there just starting out what advice can you give them as far as when it may become too much or you just need a break from the voices. What do you do when you just need to get away?
San Diego is great for getting away because there are so many sights. There is the beach, museums and cultural events, great hiking spots and art & craft communities. I have played tourist many times but the thing that allows me to unplug is watching the planes lift off from the Naval Airbase across the bay. It’s easy to get lost in imagining where they are going.

What platform have you found works the best for your books?
I have had the best results from Amazon so far.

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