Eva Pohler

What was the first book you ever wrote and what inspired you?
The first book I ever wrote was a much earlier version of my young adult suspense novel, The Purgatorium. Because of things that happened in my family, I always wanted to write about teen suicide. Then an incident in my community gave me the push I needed to get this book out. A fourteen-year-old boy texted something inappropriate to a girl. Her mother told his mother. He was mortified. I guess he didn’t think he could go back to school and face his friends. He took his life because he didn’t think he could overcome the shame and guilt.

I didn’t want to write a preachy book or a testimonial type of book; I wanted to write something thrilling and suspenseful that would get the message of redemption across in an inconspicuous kind of way.

Can you tell us about your work including titles and share your amazon links?
I’m best known for my teen fantasy series, The Gatekeeper’s Saga. It’s a six-book series about a teenager whose life becomes involved with the gods of Mount Olympus when one of them falls in love with her. Some gods give her gifts. Others try to kill her. Just about every Greek god and goddess makes an appearance in this series. The first book is free where all ebooks are sold.

My other teen series, The Purgatorium, is a contemporary trilogy, and, as I mentioned before, it deals with teen suicide. It takes place on an island off the coast of California where a doctor and her staff use experimental methods. Their patients come to the island wanting to die, and they leave fighting to live. Seventeen-year-old Daphne Janus is their most recent patient.

My Mystery Book Collection consists of three adult mystery/suspense novels that all focus around a shocking discovery of some sort. In The Mystery Box, a soccer mom is lured into her neighbor’s haunting tale only to discover a shocking connection. In The Mystery Tomb, a young archaeologist bumps head with a Native American whose family has fallen apart over a secret he knows nothing about. She helps him learn the truth, which may or may not set him free.

Readers can find purchase links to all major retailers on my website at http://www.evapohler.com/books

What drew you in to the romance genre?
Although my books aren’t strictly romance, they contain romantic elements. I think the tensions and conflicts between lovers are the most powerful, so I always incorporate them in my stories.

Is romance your favorite genre to read as well as write?
I tend to read just about everything. I really don’t know if I have a favorite genre. I suppose it might be literary fiction.

Can you tell me something about yourself that may surprise your readers?
I hold the record in my family for catching the biggest catfish on rod-n-reel at 26 pounds.

Are you excited to be a part of the upcoming Ropin Romance event?

What do you to to help with writers block?
I do Tarot readings for my characters!

If you had to choose three words to describe what type of writer you are what would they be?
Complicated, hopeful, intense

What is your author pen name and do you have more than one?
Eva Pohler

If you had to pick a favorite author who would it be?
Tracy Chevalier

Since many of the readers that will be seeing this interview and participating in the takeover will be new fans. If you had to describe your writing style and books in a single sentence what would it be?
Female empowerment meets extraordinary circumstances.

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