Jennifer Lowery

What was the first book you ever wrote and what inspired you?
Oh, geesh. Tough question, lol. I started writing when I was young-yeah, I always wanted to be a writer-and I still remember the first ‘book’ I made myself. I was around 11 or 12. It was called ‘Roses and Ribbons’, lol. I even made a cardboard ‘book’ and designed my own cover with markers. Amazingly enough, I still have that book in my cedar chest. Makes me chuckle ever time I read it. My inspiration to want to be a writer came from the hundreds and hundreds of books I read growing up. So many wonderful authors I couldn’t name them all. But, Janet Dailey is right up there. Her books definitely inspired me-RIP, Janet.

Can you tell us about your work including titles and share your amazon links?
Absolutely! I have 5 books out right now-and one short story-all romantic suspense/military romance.
They are: The Maze (Book #1, ATCOM series)
A SEAL’s Song-part of the SEALs of Summer Superbundle (Book #1, SEAL Team Alpha)
Hard To Handle (Book #1, Sawyer Sisters Trilogy)
Murphy’s Law
Hard Core (Book #1, Onyx Group)

What drew you in to the romance genre?
Oops, I kinda answered that in the first question 🙂 But, it was the love of romance books. I devoured them. Still do.

Is romance your favorite genre to read as well as write?
Yes! I never imagined reading or writing anything else. Although I do read in other genres 🙂

Can you tell me something about yourself that may surprise your readers?
My favorite movie genre is horror flicks! I know! Love ’em.

Are you excited to be a part of the upcoming Ropin Romance event?
Yes! I’m so excited to meet new readers and authors! Thank you so much for letting me be part of it!

What do you do to help with writers block?
My blocks usually come if I’ve written myself into a corner. I’m a hard core pantser (I write by the seat of my pants) so this happens often. So, I go back and reread what I’d written and usually I can find where I went wrong. Always my fault by not listening to my characters, lol.

If you had to choose three words to describe what type of writer you are what would they be?
Unorganized. Pantser. Happy.

What is your author pen name and do you have more than one?
Jennifer Lowery-nope, that’s the only one. It’s my maiden name and the only name I ever imagined on the cover of a book.

If you had to pick a favorite author who would it be?
Oh, man! I don’t think I can pick just one. But here are a few of my fav’s: Cherry Adair, Cindy Gerard, Cristin Harber, Kaylea Cross, D’Ann Lindun, Daryl Devore, Sharon Hamilton.
Since many of the readers that will be seeing this interview and participating in the takeover will be new fans. If you had to describe your writing style and books in a single sentence what would it be?
Action. Adventure. Romance.
‘Where happily ever after is only the beginning…’

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