Liv Honeywell

What was the first book you ever wrote and what inspired you?
The first full length book I ever wrote was actually a completely vanilla
chick lit book, oddly enough, and I started writing it for National Novel
Writing Month, the first time I ever did it. I haven’t published that one
yet but I will at some point.

With that one, I just got a character in my head and wrote a paragraph
about her encounter with a couple of her neighbours, and the whole thing
went from there.

Can you tell us about your work including titles and share your amazon
I write BDSM erotic romance and I love writing about the psychological
aspects of BDSM, particularly exploring the thoughts of the sub during a
scene. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any action though 😉

My first story, Imagine, was published in 2012 and since then I’ve
published Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial and The
Journal, which was winner of Turning the Pages Erotica Book of the Year
2013. I’m working on several books at once as usual, including a new series
about three Dom brothers, and trying to decide which of my other book ideas
to work on next.

Here are the Amazon links to my books:

Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial –

The Journal –
Imagine –

What drew you in to the romance genre? Is romance your favorite genre to
read as well as write?
I’m answering these two together because the answer to what drew me to
writing romance is that I love reading it. It is my favourite genre, but I
like quite a few others – thrillers, romantic suspense, sci fi, fantasy… I
could go on :).

Can you tell me something about yourself that may surprise your readers?
I am sub to a gorgeous Dom with black hair and green eyes who sometimes
sleeps under the bed and sometimes sleeps lying on top of me, followed by
patting my nose to wake me up when he decides it is breakfast time. His name
is Marvin and he is the Cat of the Household.

Are you excited to be a part of the upcoming Ropin Romance event?
Of course! I’m really looking forward to joining in and chatting with

What do you do to help with writers block?
I always work on more than one book at a time so if I get stuck with one, I
can pick up another. That helps a lot, and I usually find I get ideas for
the first one while I’m writing something on the second. Beyond that – I
take a break, go for a walk, do something else creative, like sewing, or do
some puzzles.

If you had to choose three words to describe what type of writer you are
what would they be?
Intense, humorous and romantic.

What is your author pen name and do you have more than one?
No, just this name. When I publish the chick lit, I’ll probably use a
different name though, as it won’t necessarily have the same audience as
what I write now.

If you had to pick a favorite author who would it be?
Oh, that’s such a difficult question – there are so many brilliant authors
out there. On the erotica side I really like Justine Elyot, Natasha Knight,
Renee Rose and Angela Knight. I also like Elizabeth Peters, Terry Pratchett
and Kerrelyn Sparks amongst others in various other genres.

Since many of the readers that will be seeing this interview and
participating in the takeover will be new fans. If you had to describe your
writing style and books in a single sentence what would it be?
Intense BDSM erotic romance, always with a happy ending and often laced
with humour.

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