Paige Matthews

What was the first book you ever wrote and what inspired you?
The first book I ever wrote was Devour Me. It is the first book in my Devoured Club series. The story focuses on a girl who falls for her dominant thesis advisor and is coming out of an abusive BDSM relationship. I wanted to write a story that started to show the emotional and true feelings of being a submissive, the back and forth with the unknown. My love of Thomas Hardy pulled into the main character’s characterization-setting the book at BU was the most appropriate choice.

Can you tell us about your work including titles and share your amazon links?
My work is primarily erotica w/BDSM themes. I have two series out and a third one in the works. The first series is Devoured Club series. Currently three novels in the series exist and follow the three owners of Devoured, a BDSM club set in Boston.

The second series is Double Cross Series- these novels follow the rock band Double Cross and have cross over with some of the characters in the Devoured Series (no you do not have to read the Devoured Series to understand the Double Cross Series). Currently, the first book is published, Crossroads and the second is in progress I am still writing it. There will be a third one to wrap up the trilogy.

The third series, Off the Boards, is returning to a BDSM theme showcasing three hockey players at the top of their game- both on and off the ice. These should be released in 2015.

Amazon Links:

Devour Me:
Consume Me:
Dominate Me:


What drew you in to the romance genre?
I always love a good romance story. The romance genre gives readers an escape away from reality unlike any other. I’ve always been drawn to the sentimentality of the basic love story. Perfect men, perfect endings. ?

Is romance your favorite genre to read as well as write?
Yes, I enjoy the romance genre, but primarily focus on the Erotica and BDSM subgenres.

Can you tell me something about yourself that may surprise your readers?
Hmm…I hate bridges. Absolutely fear big ones.

Are you excited to be a part of the upcoming Ropin Romance event?
HELL YEAH! I am so thankful to be included in this huge event. Thank you for having me.

What do you to help with writers block?
I usually listen to music, pick up a book or just brain storm a little more. Part of the process is just to step away from the project and try to get re-motivated.

If you had to choose three words to describe what type of writer you are what would they be?
Real, emotional and sensual writer. (Or at least I hope)

What is your author pen name and do you have more than one?
My pen name is Paige ? and I only have this one.

If you had to pick a favorite author who would it be?
I can’t pick just one. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature- I’ve been exposed to so many great writers that have molded me into the reader and writer that I am today. If I had to chose it would probably be Thomas Hardy from the Classics and if I am looking at contemporary writers in the genre that I write it would be Tiffany Reisz.

Since many of the readers that will be seeing this interview and participating in the takeover will be new fans. If you had to describe your writing style and books in a single sentence what would it be?
Contemporary and real. I write erotica and BDSM themes so there are a lot of elements of sexuality and the lifestyle intertwined into the stories. Hot sex scenes are also there…just saying ?

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