Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash Author Interview – Stephanie Summers

stephanieHere is my author interview with the talented author Stephanie Summers for the Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash – day two which is featuring romance authors. She is the author of several books including Take Me Home which I have personally read and loved so grab your copy today.

How long have you been a fan of romance books and do you have a favorite romance book or movie?
Probably since I was a teenager, though I didn’t read anything other than paranormal romance until I was an adult and discovered I also like contemporary romance.

How many books do you currently have on the market that have some type of romance in them?
Five novels and two short stories.

What inspired you to write your first romance book and what can readers expect to find once they read it?
Nothing in particular inspired me, but I had bits of stories and characters hanging out in my head that needed their stories told, so here I am.

Do you ever write about your own romantic experiences or from events that you have had in your life?
Not often, but one of my works in progress definitely has something I dealt with in real life, though it was years ago when I was a teenager. It’s been kind of fun to work through it now though when I’m not so emotionally invested in the whole thing.

Can you tell us about the worst date that you have ever had?
I’ll keep it brief because it’s something I don’t like to talk about, but it has to be the day my dad died. It’s been almost ten years ago now, but it’s still so fresh sometimes. My family and I knew that it was coming and there was no hope left, so we let him go, and even though I knew those were his wishes and we did what was best, it’s still so tough.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever had done for you or done for someone else?
That’s a tough one because I’m not a traditional girl in the sense that I don’t really care about flowers and candy or things like that. My husband got me a signed photo of Jason Momoa in character as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones for my birthday that I was head over heels about. He does things like that. He pays attention to the things I like, and he’ll get me something random like that. He knows I’ll love it.

If one of your books were to be turned into a movie who would you cast to play your leading characters and why?
Well, if Take Me On were made into a movie, I’d choose Alexander Skarsgard. He’s got the height and the body already, but I know he could pull off some of the more emotional things that go on. I’d play Lila so I could get all up on ASkars. Kidding! LOL I don’t know who I’d have play Lila, probably Brie Larson. I loved her on United States of Tara, and she just won an Oscar, so why not?

If you could co-write a romance book with any author who would it be with and why?
I honestly don’t know that I’d want to work with anyone. I’m too stubborn when it comes to my characters and their journeys, and I wouldn’t want to share them. Though I guess if it were planned out from the beginning who wrote what and all that, it could be fun. I don’t have anyone in particular in mind.

When it comes to your own romance books what is one thing that you do to ensure that they are unique and will stand out against other books within the same genre?
I just write the book I would want to read. If it’s something I’ve read a hundred times, I don’t include it or I find a way to put my own spin on it.

Any big plans or projects planned for 2016 that you would like to share with us?
My next book should be due out in May, and after that, I’ll be working on an end of the world type book with several species of undead characters along with a heaping dose of romance. I’m pretty excited about that one. I’ve heard good things from the few people who have read what I’ve written so far.

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