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libbyHere is my author interview with the talented Libby Doyle for the Passion in the Pages Event. You should definitely check out her The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series. Grab your copy today!

What is your favorite thing about writing romance books?
I have fun imagining that intoxicating, giddy stage of love, when you still can’t believe it’s happening and you feel so alive. By writing romance, I get to live that over and over again. I also enjoy imagining people who are good to each other, who give each other what they need, melting each other with pretty words. In reality, this can be rare. We can all use a little fantasy. Am I right? Oh, and writing the hot sex, because, hot.

Are you a fan of romance books and if so do you have a preference for endings such as happily ever afters?
I am a fan of romance books, although I lean towards urban fantasy or romantic suspense. In other words, I like action along with my romance. I like having a parallel story, something the lovers have to resolve as well as the struggle with their inner demons. In The Passion Season, Rainer Barakiel, my male hero, literally struggles with demons. His father sends monsters to Earth to kill him.
I love it when characters get tender and romantic, but I also enjoy conflict, drama, fights and violence. I do prefer happy endings, although I accept that, in a series, some things will be left hanging from book to book. Mine is no exception. An epic story remains to be told after the conclusion of The Passion Season. The second book in the series, The Pain Season, will be released on the autumnal equinox (9/22/16). I’m working on it now.

What is one thing that readers can find in your romance books that make it stand out from others in the same genre?
I have created an entirely new alien race, the Covalent. They have existed since the dawn of time and they use their great power to keep the elemental forces of Creation and Destruction in balance. When human society was primitive, they often visited Earth. They became part of our mythology. Rainer Barakiel, my male hero, is a warrior who can gather energy from his surroundings and turn it into superhero-like speed and strength. Pellus, his friend and mentor, is a traveler adept, a type of Covalent who can manipulate the properties of matter and energy. What Pellus does seems like magic, but it’s really science.

As for passion, there’s plenty of it, as you would expect in a book called The Passion Season! Rainer Barakiel is superhuman, which opens up endless possibilities for me as to the kind of sexual experience I can provide to my female hero, Zan. She and Rainer have profound sexual encounters that give Zan more pleasure than she thought possible, but they also terrify her. Part of the story lies in her ability to overcome that fear.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves and why?
In the book world, I am annoyed by the dominance Amazon has in the market place. Just recently, Samhain Publishing announced it’s going out of business. It’s a damn shame, and I can’t help but think Amazon had something to do with it. Of course, I am guilty of feeding the beast. I find myself tending to post the link to my Amazon sales site more than any of the others, even though I’m also live on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd and a few others. It’s hard to fight the power when you’re a new author, but I’m going to fix that habit and always post my other links beside Amazon.

In the real world, my pet peeve is people who walk three abreast on the sidewalk, slow as effin turtles, and don’t get out of my way when I’m trying to get to work.

If you could be wined and dined by any movie or book character who would you choose and why?
Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and his own show, of course). I love Angel because he got screwed over time and time again, but he still kept fighting, he still kept trying to do what was right. That strength in the face of suffering and frustration is something I wanted in Rainer Barakiel, the male hero in The Passion Season. Oh, and the other thing about Angel? The hotness, the ridiculous hotness.

It seems as though most readers have a go-to/comfort book that they will often reread so do you have one and why that particular book?
I don’t really. Too many books to read! Such great books! I’m always going somewhere new. I have watched the Angel series, start to finish, three times, so I guess I do it with TV more than books. I’ve read a couple Faulkner books more than once, but that’s just because they’re so damn hard to understand.

Have you ever done an author signing and do you prefer virtual or live meet & greets/signings?
I haven’t done a live signing yet. I’m planning one for June in Philadelphia, my home town. I think it will be fun. I like virtual meet ups, too. I would imagine they both have their advantages. I did my first facebook party just this month and I had a blast.

What is one thing you would like to see added or changed with our events?
More attendees! Authors want as many eyeballs as possible on their teasers and covers and such.

What are your favorite comfort foods?
Macaroni & Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza with extra cheese, and Chile Relleno Tacos from Iztaccihuatl, a little hole in the wall Mexican place in South Philadelphia. And no, I can’t pronounce that to save my life. I had to look it up on Grub Hub to even remember the name.

What do you want new potential readers to know about you and your books?
The Passion Season is much more than a paranormal romance. It’s a wild ride, featuring swordfights with demons, inter-dimensional travel, ritual murder, an international snuff-film ring, a criminal investigation, and a passionate love story.

I wanted to write a strong female protagonist, someone who is completely in charge of her own life and takes responsibility for everything she’s done. Zan, my female hero, neither expects nor wants to be rescued. She sees herself as someone who protects others, not as someone who needs to be protected. What she won’t admit to herself is that she does need to be protected, at least emotionally. She has to learn to trust. She has to learn it’s not all black and white. A person can be strong, but can be even stronger when they accept help.

My male hero is poetic and super romantic, but he faces challenges from his homeworld that prevent him from loving Zan with abandon, the way he wants to. He has enemies, and it will take all his strength and determination to prevail so he can be with her, the first woman who’s ever made him feel alive. Of course, he is an alien, and it breaks the laws of his homeworld to love Zan, not to mention the fact that she thinks he’s human. He’s afraid to lose her so he is deeply conflicted about the whole effed-up situation.

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  1. Joyce Reece says:

    Hello Libby!! This is going to be a great set of books. Liking Angel just gives you extra points. Are you going to write books about the side characters? They sound like a lot of fun.

    • Libby Doyle says:

      I may write a book about Pellus, Barakiel’s friend and mentor. I love him (as does Barakiel). I certainly intend to write short fiction pieces dealing with the side characters to post on my website, The book had just been released, so I’m in the thick of those activities, but I plan to start posting the short fiction next month. Follow me on Twitter (@LibbyDoyle9) or like my facebook page and you’ll be sure to know when I’ve posted something.

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