Trey Character Interview – (A Home for Her Heart) Brynette L. Turner

Here is the character interview with Trey from A Home for Her Heart written by Brynette L. Turner.

Q1: When Regina first started working for you, did you have any idea that she was in trouble?
At first, I thought she was just quiet until I observed how she cowered when her boyfriend was around and seemed to be especially secretive about her personal life. Those signs, coupled with the fact that she too often dressed in clothes that covered too much of her skin for the season of the year, made me suspect she might be in an abusive relationship.

Q2: What made you decide that Gina needed you to rescue her in the way you did instead of only giving her some advice and hoping she would follow it?
Rescuing Regina wasn’t really a decision as much as it was an impulse. When I saw how bruised and broken she was, all I wanted to do was protect her—and that meant getting her away from the man who had hurt her. Taking her into my home, instead of putting her in a shelter with strangers, seemed like the best way to truly know that she would be all right. Like I said, it was more of an impulse than some well thought out decision. Thankfully, it was the right thing to do.

Q3: How did you feel when Gina was surprised to find out that you’re a black man?
Honestly, with pale skin and wavy hair, I’m used to people thinking I’m a white man, so the fact that Gina had also made that assumption didn’t bother me. Look, I don’t discuss my heritage at work because it’s really no one’s business. People see what they want, and if looking white means that’s the default assumption about me, I have no control over it. But, I’m a proud black man and live my private life accordingly.

Q4: Why do you think people should read your story?
It really isn’t my story. It’s the story of a beautiful young woman who is brilliant and talented and stronger than many people. The things she has to consider in this story still make my head spin, and I honestly understand where her hang-ups and hesitations come from. People should read about Regina because we all need to believe in heroes, and she is her own hero in some ways.

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